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  • So many unposted outfits (and life in March) -part 1


    Having a blog: done.

    Having time to write in the blog: 😭

    Generally these days I am happy if I manage to put on real clothes at all. And I even photograph them, because it’s such an event. But editing and posting them is an additional challenge which my tired brain fails to complete these days. But it is getting better with more sunlight, because apparently I am just a sad plant in a human suit.

  • Killing The Sweetness

    As many of you might know: I love Burlesque! I already love beautiful women in all shapes and sizes, but when they tastefully/creatively/funnily undress and show off their bedazzled pasties I’m beyond amazed!

    That’s why when my friends from Home of Burlesque asked me to do another poster for their newest show, which was also the birthday party for founder/owner Sven, I said YEEEESSSSSS.

  • So that was 2022

    It was…. a year.