Going to a meeting of Vampire Lovers Anonymous

In my younger years I proudly resisted the hype for a certain vampire everybody was into… but I was not as strong in my old age as I met the fabulously flamboyant sweet-talking menace that is Astarion in Baldur’s Gate III. Now I am lost and can never be recovered, as my Patreon readers might have noticed.

So when I put on this dress I imediately felt like a hot vampire wifey and I just went with this concept. I even found my vial of blood pendant I bought somewhere on Etsy at least 10 years ago. I hope Astarion approves.

Btw. the two red tones that my hair has come from changing from a dye with bleach to one without 2-3 years ago. The funny thing is though is that they only look THIS different on my phone camera. In real life it’s a smoother gradient. Fascinating how the phone sensor seems to pick those up as such completely different tones.

Also behold, the true fashion connoisseur:

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