Under the mistletoe…

I don’t know about you, but Kohanna hat the exactly right amount of mulled wine this holiday season.

Wanted to finish this during the Christmas days, but life happened (namely our washing machine breaking, FUN!) and nothing went as planned. Still, here she is! Hope you enjoy some leftover XX-mas cheer.

Here’s what the sketch looked like:

And here’s the finished inked version:

Art tools used:

  • Col-Erase pencil
  • Zebra Fude brush pen (felt tip)
  • Kuretake Ai-liner (fine brush tip)
  • J.Herbin Rouge Hématite ink filled into a Pentel Water Brush

Here’s a short process video (with cat and unhappy accident):

Sorry that it’s way easier consumable on the phone,
you always have to make the tough decision if you record stuff vertically or horizontally >__<

And some details:

And how did you spend your Holidays?

❤ AsuRocks

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